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Risk management

Risk management is "an organised effort to identify, develop and reduce, wherever possible, risks to patients, visitors and staff".

The main objectives of risk management are :

  • To improve the safety of people and property;
  • Reduce avoidable risks;
  • Limit the seriousness of the consequences of unavoidable accidents.

Given the dispersed nature of the structures and players involved, the centre has set up a coordination committee, the aim of which is to federate the players, resources and actions in this area. This coordination includes risk management and health vigilance management, and is also linked to the structures developing continuous quality improvement processes.

The vigilances constitute the basis of health safety at national level as well as in our establishment.

They concern

  • Haemovigilance: this is the system for monitoring the transfusion chain, with the aim of detecting undesirable effects of labile blood products.
  • Materiovigilance: the aim is to monitor incidents that may occur during the use of a medical device.
  • Pharmacovigilance: this involves monitoring medicines and preventing the risk of adverse reactions resulting from their use.
  • Reactovigilance: the purpose of this is to monitor incidents and risks of incidents resulting from the use of an in vitro diagnostic medical device.
  • Aquavigilance: this involves monitoring incidents involving sanitary water and dialysis fluids, to ensure the quality of the water that reaches your generator and the centre's taps.


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