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Prevention and screening for kidney disease

Kidney disease is a silent disease, meaning that for a long time it has no symptoms. As a result, they are often detected late, at the stage of kidney failure, which then requires emergency treatment with dialysis or even a kidney transplant. If detected early, these diseases do not require such heavy and restrictive treatment, or delay it. Kidney diseases are common and can affect anyone at any age, although some people are more at risk than others (see below). Diseases that affect the blood vessels can also damage the kidneys. This is the case with high blood pressure and diabetes.

How can kidney disease be detected?

  • A simple urine dipstick test.
  • A blood test.
  • Regular measurement of blood pressure.

These 3 methods are particularly useful for people who are at greater risk of developing kidney disease than others: people with diabetes or high blood pressure, people over 60, people with a family history of genetic kidney disease, people who have taken long-term or repeated medication known to be potentially toxic to the kidneys, such as anti-inflammatory drugs including aspirin.


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